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Lets be friends, for real, the world sucks without entrepreneurs focused on the well being of people and the planet. If you want potential clients to listen, but you’re confused as hell about how to do that, I got your back.

I get down to the core of what you have to offer and make it crystal clear and mucho enticing.

Because vague doesn’t deliver results. To take your wellness business to the next level you need a clear message that gets the YES. That keeps people curious and wanting more. You know, the stuff that they are actually dying to know. Blog posts they can’t wait to read, newsletters that don’t get deleted at first glance, sales pages that actually do what they’re meant to do and with integrity to boot.

I’m Chantelle Zakariasen and words and wellness are my two passions, together I infuse them into compelling copy and content for wellness practitioners.


Build Your Stage

Copywriting Services

Your website copy should have it all.

The physical benefits.

The emotional benefits.

The spiritual benefits.

Great copy communicates on all levels.

It should say to the world loud and clear, who you are and what you do.

Most importantly, it should declare how YOU can solve their problems in an approachable way that your ideal client totally gets.

If you’re ready to up level your website copy and start turning heads, you’ve come to the right place.

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Grow Your Audience

Content Solutions

Is blogging mostly just a guessing game?

Killer blog posts are much more than just content…

  • They’re lead magnets
  • They can be repurposed for social media purposes
  • Build a devoted following and gain visibility in your niche
  • SEO so when people google a problem, your website pops up ready to solve it.
  • Submit blog posts to big names in your industry that will get more eyes on your offerings.


Let your blog do the hard work for you, and hire a pro to write it so that you can focus on what you’re good at.


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Got questions? I got answers. Drop me a line anytime!

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